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Welcome to Han Aquatics


 I've been in this hobby for over 15+ years now. Something I always enjoy doing ever since I was a kid with my father. And have great memories of it.

Just recently a few years ago decided to become a small business. And spread my love of shrimps/plants/planted tank around.

I grow all my plants in house, all SUBMERGED (under water) grown.

Unlike many others who buy from a wholesaling nursery and just resell you plants that were grown EMERSED (above water).

Which means once planted inside a aquairum you will have a die back/melted plants period until it regrows submerged growth.

So please keep that in mind.


Your satisfaction is important to me.

I take pride in my work and customer service.

If you have any suggestions on how I can better serve you, please contact us.




-Han Tran